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Current info

One of four people in Malaysia will suffers from chronic diseases/ cancer.

40,000 new cases of cancer a year.

3,000,000 Malaysians having obesity.

In 1996, 800,000 people were diabetic which causes heart attacks, stroke, and poor libido.

-statistic from newspaper

Introduction to illness problems:


In Malaysia, Rx-Water was introduced by Dr. Noordin Darus, Malaysiaís leading Wellness Guru as the result of his study and research on water after he was diagnosed with blood cancer or Lymphoma and can only live for few months. Read nextÖ

Read next...

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Water Classification

Side Effects of Water Treatment

The Philosophy behind the Design of the Rx-Water System

The Basic Concept of Rx-Water

How Rx-Water differs from other water


Most of health problems can be overcome by healthy lifestyle such as exercising, dieting, avoiding stress, sufficient rest and many more.

But, how many of us that really cares about their lifestyle? And how many of us that falls sick caused from wealth.

Isnít that preventing is better than medicating?

If we look at human body condition, we will find that water has a big role because most of humanís bodies consist of water.

● Fetus 100%
● Baby 80%
● Adults 60 to 70%
● Senile 50%



We do not recommend substituting these water therapy techniques for the professional services or a medical doctor. Please consult your medical health professionals regarding the use of this treatment. Readers who are under medical supervision should consult their own medical practitioner before treating themselves and others using procedures outlined in this site. Do not use this water therapy to solve a problem where your common sense would tell you it is not appropriate. Please take full responsibility for your own physical and emotional well-being when following this therapy. We make no guarantees that Rx-Water Therapy will work for everybody and there are strictly no claims of cures. Itís all in Godís hands.


...Rx-Water cured numerous of patient who suffered from migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, gastric, piles, kidney stone, breast cancer, servicks cancer, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, asthma, joint problem, mental problem, and many other diseases...

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