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Jenis-jenis air

Bagaimana sumber air kita boleh tercemar?

Kesan sampingan rawatan air

Ciri-ciri dan Keistimewaan air RX water

Konsep Perawatan RX water

Perbezaan RX water dengan Air komersil

Khasiat RX water







Mohd. Rosli Johore, 49 yrs., Businessman, Ampang. “4 Major Illnesses Solved; -Night Blindness, Palpitations, Diabetic Level & Facial Numbness!”


Hassan A. Bakar, Age 51, Police Officer, KL. “5 years of High Blood Pressure, Now Normal. Psoriasis Gone!”


Hj. Sudin bin Lajit, 76 yrs., Pahang. “Years of Suffering from Shingles & Asthma are Finally Over!”


Zakariah Hassan, 45 yrs., Businessman, KL. “Lost Weight, Feel Energetic & Full Of Vitality.”


Tn Hj Noramat, Age 43, Marketing Manager, Kelana Jaya. “Wife says, I’m more Energetic!”


Nazri bin Idris, 35 yrs., Asst. Accountant, Putrajaya. “My heartburn, Wind Problems & Chicken Pox Scars Disappeared. Wife’s Complexion Now Softer, Smoother.”


Baby Siti Aisya and Puan Shila Awaluddin, 35 yrs., Housewife, Ampang. “Bleeding & Virus Infection during Pregnancy Stopped & I Had A Safe Delivery.”


Suziana bte Mohd Yamin, 36 yrs., PA to GM, KL. “Migraine, Constipation, Spinal Pains & Lethargy Gone!”


Rosiah bte Ratin, 58 yrs., Retiree, Bentong Pahang. “80% of Migraine Problem Gone!”


Iza Idris, 54 yrs., Lecturer, Ampang. “It’s Healing Power Is Fantastic!”


Maimun Abdul Rahman, 63 yrs., KL. “Dying chicken restored to Life!”


Rachel Yip, Negeri Sembilan. “Relieves Stress and Boosts my Energy Levels.”


Prof. Datul Dr. Nik Mohd. Zain, 55 yrs., KL. “Improves My Perspiration, Reduced My Baldness & Relieved My Wife’s Back Pain!”


Vijendran Ganesan, 42 yrs., Real Estate Agent, Rawang. “Excellent for Bowel Movement!”


Dato’ Daud Darus, 56 yrs., Lawyer, KL. “Gastric & Piles Problems Are Over.”


Sharifah Nurhazirah Syed Mohd. Yusof, 11 yrs., Standard 5 Student, KL. “From Sickly Asthmatic to Star Athlete!”


Dato’ Nadzim Johan, 43 yrs. “Has Stopped My Hair Loss & Promoted Hair Growth!”


Saudah Ikhwan, 49 yrs., Beautician, Taman Keramat, KL. “No More Severe Back Aches, Spinal Pains, Headaches & Boated Belly!”


Rohimi Bin Yusof, 51 yrs., Batu Caves, Selangor. “Lost 6 kgs! Rx-Water keeps me Energetic when traveling long distance.”


Masron bin Mat Noor, 43 yrs., Reserve Police, Genting Highlands, Pahang. “Has Benefited Me & My Loved Ones Tremendously!”


Muhammad Sharif Johor bin Dato’ Nadzim Johan, 15 yrs. “Recovered from Eczema within 5 months!”
And many more satisfied consumers with their loved ones..

Water for Life by Dr. Noordin Darus, Published by World Wellness Network Sdn. Bhd.


The Multiple Benefits of Rx-Water TM

So many interesting facts differentiate Rx-Water TM from others. Here are just some of them.

Proven to offer Instant Aura Healing and long term wellness.

Testimonies prove its therapeutic effects and numerous uses.

Founded and developed by a former cancer patient, Dr Noordin Darus who provides FREE expert advice on Aura Healing Water Therapy TM.

Backed by popular and proven Well-for-life TM Programs and Philosophy.

It helps maintain and support all body metabolism and physiological activities including the removal of wastes toxins from cells. It also helps revitalize and hydrate cells and organs, boost nutrient absorption, improve body homeostasis, regulate blood circulation, boost immunity, empower the body’s natural healing process, increase oxygen to the cells, energize and rejuvenate the body and help it cope with stress. Apply directly to wounded areas for much faster healing.

 Effective in preserving the freshness and natural taste of meat, fruits and vegetables. Improves the flavor of beverages such as coffee, juices and mixed drinks, as well as the taste of rice and soups.

Leaves of plants look glossier, fresher and last longer. It decreases pet’s odor and their fur look radiant and they grow healthier.

Excellent after-sales support with One-Year Warranty. It is also easy to Install and Maintain (DIY) and there are no marketing gimmicks.

Offer the benefits of more expensive purification system at a most cist-effective, “better value for money” price.


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